Reindeer Tours

Reindeer driving is a tradition of Sámi, the only indigenous people in Europe. You`ll have the unique opportunity to experience something real from Lapland. Our professional guide takes you on peaceful reindeer drive in wilderness. You may experience the silence of the nature of Lapland around you. It would be a nice break from a busy life, far away from noise and traffic. Snowy trees, endlessly beautiful scenery, friendly reindeer with a professional guide. Take some time to relax and enjoy the peace!

You can also visit the reindeer farm and find out about the Sámi culture. At the farm you shall go to see the reindeer and feed them with lichen. Or relax and enjoy on evening safari with reindeer and find the Auroras. What could be more comfortable way to spend evening as sitting relaxed in the reindeer sleigh!



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