Culture and Nature Experiences

Come and enjoy unique moments on our reindeer farm Joikun Kota. On Sámi Dinner you shall enter to a Lappish wooden log hut – “kota”. There you may enjoy peaceful atmosphere by the open fire and candle lit dinner. During the evening your host shall tell about Sámi culture and sing traditional Sámi songs. Or visit the reindeer farm on daytime trip and find out about reindeer herding. At the farm we can realize that we do not always need to be in a hurry, but relax and enjoy the moment. How peaceful and quiet the nature can be!

And if you want to know even more about northern nature and Sámi culture, we will arrange a full-service visit for you to the Sámi Museum and Nature Center Siida in Inari. In Siida’s exhibitions, you will experience the strong connection Sámi people have with the Northern nature and its annual life cycle.



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