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Dinner at Reindeer farm
Sami Dinner

Sámi Dinner

Getting familiar with the Sámi Culture, traditional Sámi Joiku-singing

Minimum 10 persons

Group will be picked up from the accommodation place and transferred to the Reindeer farm in Joikun Kota. Our Sámi hosts wishes us welcome.

We shall go see the Reindeer. They expect us to feed them some lichen.
After seeing reindeer we shall enter to a Lappish wooden log hut - “kota” .
In kota we shall enjoy candle lit dinner with peaceful atmosphere by the open fire.


  1. Cold smoked reindeer blue cheese soup
  2. Glow fried Salmon with mashed potatoes and salad
  3. Berry pie, coffee / tea

Our host shall tell about the Sámi culture and reindeer herding; please do not hesitate to ask if you have questions in mind.

The sámi lady will sing traditional sámi songs, “Joiku”.

Here at the reindeer farm we can see / realise that we do not always need to be in a hurry, but relax and enjoy the moment. How peaceful and quiet the nature can be!

Duration of the program: ca. 2 hours

( incl. 3 course Dinner, seeing reindeer, hearing about Sámi culture and reindeer herding, hearing Joiku-singing, free transfer from Saariselkä region )

Please book before hands (at least on previous day before 4pm).


What customers say about us

  • Great hosts and very juice is a must and dressing up is a definite must! Many thanks for a memorable visit. Billy Harker

  • Thanks for the great time tonight Timo. I loved your fire building technique! Lisa Pfost

  • Beautiful Safari today! Thank you Armi and all the staff!x Elisa Maccagnoni